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ESD Partners is the publisher of the European Space Directory. This Directory published annually, is backed by EUROSPACE, the Association of the European Space Industry, and has the technical assistance of ESA, the European Space Agency.

With twenty-eight successful editions already published and distributed worldwide, the European Space Directory is now generally recognised as THE indispensable reference working tool, and also as a keenly targeted advertising medium, staying on the desks of key decision makers and influential executives all year around.

The European Space Directory 2013, published in April 2013, is currently available in our Paris office.

Our product quality resides in our continuous effort to satisfy our readers' needs and requirements, from attention to the smallest detail to providing general overview of the market trends.

We also publish the European Security Directory.
ESD Partners is a Strategic Intelligence & Consulting firm specialised in high impact strategic and transformation projects. The company was created by a group of partners with more than 25 years experience and successful track in first-tier strategy consulting firms (A.T. Kearney, Braxton - Deloitte Consulting, Mars & Co…) and leading industrial companies / associations.
ESD Partners, based in Paris with correspondents in the U.S., Russia and India, spans numerous segments of industry, covering mainly Aerospace and Defence / Security, and High Technologies sectors.

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