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ESD Partners is a Strategic Intelligence & Consulting firm specialised in the AeroSpace, Defence/Security, and High Tech sectors and is also the owner and the editor of the “European Space Directory” and “European Security Directory” publications. The European Space Directory (25th edition in 2010), backed by EUROSPACE and ESA, provides in-depth corporate and industrial/technical information about satellite and launcher manufacturers, Europe’s space equipment suppliers and Europe’s satellite operators. It is by far the most comprehensive and authoritative publication concerning the European satellite industry as well as European space application developers since all industrial data are supplied and updated by the Europe’s space equipment companies or institutions themselves, under the control of the Editorial Committee.The European Security Directory, published annually and backed by the European Commission, the European Organisation for Security EOS, ASD …, is built on the success and experience of ESD Partners, and represents a unique structured tool for useful contacts in the European security industry.The Directory aims at advocating for the reconnaissance of a European Security Technological and Industrial Base, and at offering European security equipment companies, research centres and organisations the opportunity to find partners and to be found.This Directory, which is unique in Europe, is a comprehensive and authoritative publication in the security field. It also provides the reader with a clearer picture of the Security landscape, which is highly fragmented in Europe (Europe’s security equipment suppliers, Europe’s security applications or European security systems).